As a UX- Designer  I had learnt about the power of drawing personas and how to storyboard for those personas.

For those who are alien to UX designing, personas are characters we give life to and see how they would behave with a particular product in a particular situation. To make it more believable we give these characters names, jobs, and even a few likes & dislikes.

After these personas are born, we then start to storyboard. Drawing a storyboard is the process wherein we allot a particular environment to our persona in which he/she is expected to use the system or product. We observe their behavior and record the exploration that they might try to do with the system and whether or not our system helps the persona to achieve its goal.

Doing this activity helps us to be more empathetic towards our persona which in turn helps us to find a solution for a particular case that we might be stuck on while developing the product.