5 Ways To Give Social Wheels To Your Recruitment Engine

Social Recruitment Engine

Talent acquisition professionals are the ambassadors of company. Earlier it was just the recruiters who were pitching 15-16 candidates a day and informing about the company but now social recruitment has entered the game and changed the way of recruitment process. One post about “We are Hiring” gives us instant numbers of shares and impressions.

Openness of Social networks helps creative recruiters to interact with the candidates even before we invite them for an interview. With Social coming to our aid we can not only be more proactive but also be better informed to connect with them.

And how do you do that?

Well, there are a number of ways.

My friend once said that Social recruitment is not about marking your presence on every social media channel. Infact, it’s about being social. Social media provides us a platform to know more about our prospective employees, more than a resume on its own can do. You can see the endorsement he/she got on LinkedIn or check their Facebook profile to know how his/her personality is.

Let’s take a look on different social media channels that we can leverage to hunt best talent for our company.

  1. LinkedIn

Just like you can find every second guy on Facebook, similarly you can find every skilled professional on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also becoming popular with job seekers because it gives them an opportunity to look at the professional side of the organisation, the culture and the kind of work which a company does. The increased brand awareness creates a sense of understanding in people looking for job.

On the other hand, LinkedIn gives people an opportunity to share all about their professional life on LinkedIn. Also, the use of LinkedIn profiles in resumes as well as email signatures shows that candidates also use it as a viable business card.

So, use the shared information to target the individuals at specific companies with specific designation. Take advantage of LinkedIn groups, you will find a whole bunch of people who do exactly what you are looking for.

  1. Facebook

LinkedIn is not the only place where you will get job seekers. With over a billion users, Facebook gives a fair chance to all its users, even when they are doing a job search. People share so much information about them, almost everything from their hobbies to which TV series they like. You can use it to target them.

Create a job specific page where you can post your requirements. You can also do a quick ‘background check’ to confirm the authenticity of the information provided in the resume. Although contacting them over Facebook is not a good option, but you can always review their profiles to get more information about their interests and activities.

Facebook’s graph search provides an opportunity to search people with keywords like “People who work for <organisation name>”. You can also search people with their profile or work experience in a specific domain.

  1. Pinterest

After Facebook and LinkedIn, Pinterest is the next bet on which you can base your social recruiting. Although Pinterest does not allow contacting or direct messaging service as of now, still it is a good platform if you want to create your brand presence. It offers a good way to evoke interest in the prospective employees and create buzz in the industry by creating your own boards.

The visual nature of Pinterest provides the best platform to promote your company culture or to do employer branding which leads to attract talent. You can create infographics or multimedia to promote about your organisation’s core values and beliefs which will definitely grab attention of job seekers.

  1. Twitter

What could 140 characters possibly do to help recruitment? True. But what if I tell you that 500 million tweets are generated everyday, would you still think about the character limit?

Twitter is all about right content with popular hashtags. If you have marked your presence on twitter, start with adding an impressive company ‘bio’ and sharing interesting tweets. You can also try to engage followers by sharing your job openings. Any job seeker would visit your twitter profile before applying which in turn will get you a visitor and a follower (if you are able to impress him/her). If you are using the correct hashtags with your pictures and tweets, your twitter interaction will prove out to be more effective than the traditional recruitment methods.

  1. YouTube

After Google, YouTube is the second most popular social media which people use as a search engine. A video which tells your story is way more powerful than tens of pictures put together.

You can offer a plethora of content which showcases your company’s culture, the office celebrations, the success story or the interviews with people who already work in the company. Present employee experiences and testimonials from your clients and link them to your website. This will create your social identity more likeable.

Other creative recruitment strategies that I can think of are- the Referrals incentives. Ask your employees to refer their friends and family and in exchange of it you can offer a monetary incentive. As the current employer knows about the company, they sure would know what kind of person would fit in the company.

One more way is to Sponsor events where you can find a bunch of techies at one single place with different skills. You’ll get to network with relevant professionals that could be just the right mix of what you need.

There are many companies which are using social mediums to hire their best talent. To stand out, all you need to do is use social channel and add your creativity to attract right talent for the company. Always remember, an employee is the brand ambassador of the company. So hire right with the right approaches.

Recruitment need not always be an act of transactional nature, its about creating better alliances.

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