7 Commandments of Growth-Oriented Leadership

It is said that change is the only constant. Every organization has to go through certain pre-defined life-cycle stages – Starting a new venture, growing the venture into a sustainable business, and preparing for decline and eventual revitalization. Where this process has scope for immense thrill – in nurturing something that didn’t even exist into a flourishing enterprise, only some entrepreneurs are able to deal with the conjoined challenges that come with this thrill. The ability of an organization – its leadership, its talent base, and its stakeholders – to deal with the peculiarity of these challenges is what decides the probability of success or failure.

The movement from one phase of growth to another is a process – a kind of metamorphosis and takes its due time to unfold and settle. What can an organization do to deal with this process of constant transformation? Adopt a passive stance and let it take its own due course? Or intervene at every step and try to change the very basic nature of transformation?

The answer, as always, lies in moderation. And also in the hands of the agents of change, i.e. its leadership team.

A company can move forward only if it has right direction from its leadership. It’s the vision of the leaders that every individual in the company follows and tries to bring to reality. It then becomes of much importance that the company leadership is cognizant of what kind of intervention is needed and when, in order to help its talent base thrive through the inevitable phases of transformation.

Then, what should I do as a leader to help my company through the phases of transformation?

  • Be transparent in your dealings and in your communication
  • Lend a patient ear to those in distress and be proactive in addressing their concerns
  • Ensure there is clarity of roles and ownership for strategies
  • Create a team that is self-motivated, driven by passion for work, and hold themselves accountable for what they do
  • Have trust in your team members and in their ability to sail through the transformation phase with you
  • Appreciate and encourage those who constructively challenge your vision or methods of realizing it
  • Don’t stop taking risks and seizing opportunities to grow

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