All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy : Clay Modeling Competition

What thoughts cross your mind when you pull up to your regular parking space at work? When you hop onto the elevator? Do you enter with rolled up sleeves? Do you feel ready for the tasks at hand for the day? Or do you swallow a lump of uneasiness thinking about the work load you got?

Internet is swarmed with countless employees talking about how the workplaces just do All work and no Play… It is good to focus on work but can be balanced with a tad bit of fun to maintain the right balance. I am neither a follower, nor an opposer. I just like to have a good laugh everytime I look at those creative laughter shots.

In other words, it brings us to the point that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So if you want people to come with happy feet to office, it’s important that you make it a fun workplace. We often forget how important it is to have a work-life balance. Having fun at workplace not only increases productivity, but it also reduces stress levels. Imagine a day at office when you dress up to celebrate a festival and get together in the evening to participate in a fun activity.

Here is one example.

With similar thoughts in mind, we at Quovantis thought of getting together and celebrated a clay modelling competition where team members got together in groups and expressed their understanding of patriotism – how they see the Republic India through their eyes, or what they envision India to become in the coming years.

Clay Modelling Competition

For this we provided all team members with a portion of earthen clay and gave them a heads-up of one week to think of ideas they would like to execute around patriotism. Along with this, they were free to bring and use anything else that they thought would be helpful in building their clay models.

The idea was very well received and saw many team members digging their hands into the raw earthen clay pulp and gradually converting them into beautiful carvings. Where some of the team members made beautiful carvings of the Indian Flag, Our National Emblem, and the Ashok Chakra, some other team members portrayed their understanding of what India needs to become in the next few years.

What was most exciting was the level of interaction we had among ourselves, the enthusiastic exchange of ideas and friendly banter around this – all added to the spirit of celebration.

Since the participation was so overwhelming and the creativity that each of the groups displayed was so inspiring, we decided to announce winners from each of the three floors of our office.

Here is a peek into the clay models prepared by the winners from the event:

Quovantis Clay competition

Here are some more models created by Quants:

Quovantis Clay competition

Here are the Quants in action:

Quovantis Clay competition

We would like to thank everybody for participating in the event and expressing their spirit of patriotism through these wonderful clay models.

To know more about the event and find more pictures, please click here.

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