The wait is finally over to get over our boring monotonous life of checking embarrassing pictures of our friends on facebook(actually, it is tons of fun), talking to friends on the IM in extremely small sized windows, doing Alt+Tab when someone walks past our work area. Oh yeah, how could I forget? Eating. Ahem…I actually meant working.

Oh crap, I just gave away my working life.

Coming back to the main point – Is Roger Federer really the greatest tennis player of all times? Betcha.

Aah, I digress. So, where was I?

Yes, the wait. Which is over. Really.

So, this is what we are going to do. But, first tell me, if Roger is the greatest ever then why does he cry like a baby in front of Rafa? Seriously. Roger get a grip and beat the hell out of Rafa. You deserve to win brother!

So, what was I saying? Yes, the wait. Which is finally over.

I don’t know why these thoughts of my coworkers, my friends, my family, being an award winning novelist, winning the Wimbledon, playing in LA Lakers, flying around the earth, visiting space stations  keep on distracting me to do some real work. Get some actual shit done. Write some cool piece of code. You know. And, then there are people who always digress and make long stories and never come to the point. I don’t like them. Seriously.

Huh! So, where was I? Ohh, Yeah. The wait. Which is finally over.

So, this is what we are going to do. We are going to have <drum roll> a Hack-a-thon </drum roll>. You guys like that word, don’t you? I bet you do. I really bet you do. Seriously, I’m betting. C’mon. Okay, even if you don’t, I really don’t give a damn.

We are going to get together some random Friday of every month and try to look really cool, suave, good looking, drool worthy and intellectual. Okay, who the hell am I kidding? We are geeks and we can’t be all that. Actually, I meant to say we would spin our brain motors, do some intellectual deep meditation and do some fun and cool programming.

We would form groups of 3 and try to solve really hard problems or do some prototyping of futuristic work. Think Matrix, baby! We would actually devise the blue and the red pill and ask the other people to choose. No matter the pill they choose, we would never talk about the real matrix. The number #1 rule of Matrix is that we don’t talk about Matrix. I’m sure I’m confusing this with some other movie’s line but who gives a damn. I know most of you don’t.

Aah, I digress again. I hate that. So, where was I? Groups. Problem Solving. Fun. Cool. Hack-a-thon. The wait. Which is finally over.

Some Ground Rules –

  1. Team of 3 or 4 solving problems.
  2. One person would give a challenge. That person can’t participate in this programming session.
  3. Any team could chose the programming language of their choice. Like, I would chose COBOL. Real Men use COBOL. True. Seriously.
  4. The teams would jointly decide the most elegant solution.
  5. All the other teams would treat the winning team with free lunch the next Friday. All of us would pool money to get Pizzas/Burgers/Fries/Any-other-heart-choking-food for the entire company but the winning team wouldn’t put in a dime.

So, when is our First Hack-a-thon? This Friday. Yeah!! The wait is finally over.


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