I hope you remember the big campaign of Tourism Australia’s ‘Best Job in The World’, it went viral. I am sure each of us wanted to participate but there was a selection process. It would have been ‘best’ if we could choose the job rather than job choosing us, alas!

On that thought, I would like to share a moment about a new growth outsourced product design and engineering services company, who just had their 4th birthday – Quovantis Technologies: the company I call home these days and the job that I chose.

(I feel a shameless plug is about to be let free in this world…)

Within a month of joining the company, the talent management team(fondly called as HR erstwhile – we are not resources, you see! ahem…) calls the entire office in the common area and announces “we are the Bronze winner in Best Place to Work category in Best in Biz Awards 2014 International”.

During the open house session in the common area the talent management team’s introduction on “what, when and why” and ended with “we congratulate you”. Well, yes, they are right, ‘you’, ‘you’ – the employee who is the structural and functional unit of this organization.

Some of the ‘you’ are skilled and geniuses from UX/UI designing, technology architecture, full-stack software mavericks and of course, better of the lot coders and hackers, who has spent at least 2 years or more of their professional life building this best place to work called Quovantis.

This is what I deduced from their views – a place is best place to work if it gives “you” a chance to grow (learning and unlearning – from your mistakes, from a colleague or the universe); clear communication (between the employer and employee – transparency); flatter organisation (negligible hierarchy); rewards, acknowledgements and accolades (motivation); sharing (knowledge and wisdom); and finally challenging (yes, if you’re not challenged to set your own benchmark, to gather interest and innovate like they say ‘rolling stone gathers no moss’).

And, precisely, it is like that – I am a happy employee, so are they! Ahem! I meant my fellow colleagues. So best job in the world is where ‘I’ or ‘you’ is ‘happy’.

Congrats Quovantis Technologies and ‘you’. The ‘you’ who made this organization so that we could get felicitated with such an honor.

Hey, ‘you’ – Yes, ‘you’ – are you getting the champagne now?

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mundoresink/3199186524/in/photostream/

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