Best Recruitment Strategies to Hire Great People at Work



It is an old recruitment process of collecting the details for the openings from managers and post them on job portal or advertise them through different media. Getting the resume shortlisted, interviewing them and then selecting the candidate who can join the organization.
But nowadays, recruitment is not at all easy as the recruiters are very particular and innovative about choosing the candidates because ultimately an employee reflects the skills of a recruiter.

On the other hand, the candidates are much more aware and choosy while opting for an organization. So, it makes the job harder for a recruiter to hit the nail on the mark.

Hence, for making recruitment effective we need to first understand the actual meaning of recruitment? Secondly, what are the innovative recruitment strategies?

What is recruitment?

Recruitment it is the process of sourcing, scheduling for the interview, selecting and onboarding employees to an organization.

What is Strategy?

‘Strategy’ as the word describes is the action plan of what points should be added in recruitment process to fill the vacant position with efficient and quality employee.

For analyzing that what will be the strategies to be followed for a vacant position first you have to set a process, i.e. recruitment process.

Recruitment process includes:

  • Identifying the vacancy, the level of position, number of people that are needed onboard.
  • Preparing the job description which includes the roles, duties and responsibilities according to the position, experience level, qualification.
  • Positing the job description on internet through various portals like, Naukri.com, Monster.com, Shine.com, and Timesjobs.com.
  • Managing the responses and shortlisting them to according to the job requirement.
  • Arranging the interview with the selected candidates and confirm them for the interviews.
  • Conduct interviews at different levels and gather the feedback.
  • Extend offers to selected candidates.
  • On boarding of the candidates.

By following this recruitment process, we can also put some strategies to make our recruitment process more efficient and effective.

So we can include strategies at all the levels of recruitment process to improve our hiring process with best talented employee to an organization.

Recruitment Strategies

  • Clearly communicating the organization status, what will be sources, when it has to be close to the candidates
  • Target the capable employee who are not actively looking for a job change but you can convince them to work in your organization.
  • Making fast hiring decision is important whenever the position or candidate is in high demand.
  • Effective sourcing is the most critical element of the recruiting process however employee referral is most effective.
  • Building a pipeline of applicants so that you have a back-up if any candidate ditches you.
  • Focus on candidate’s needs, selection process and the candidate experience.
  • Always build a relationship with the candidate to increase their interest and trust towards an organization.
  • Make decisions on sources, screening tools, and which individual to hire on facts and data, not emotion or even common practices.
  • Almost every organization needs passionate employee for their organization. If you want consistency and excellent results, you must clearly define the rules of the game.

Which recruitment strategies do you follow in your organisation?

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