Shruti Sharma

Celebrating 7 Years of Awesomeness – Infographic

It’s been 7 years but it feels that we are just getting started. We were a humble three in number when we started. And look, we are one-ninety-two now. The big secret to our success is our work culture. We have always believed in ‘People first’ philosophy.

We own this success to our core values- Self-Directedness over Managed, Curiosity Over Complacency, Excellence Over Mediocrity, Collaboration Over Command & Control and Honesty Over Impressions. Our values have kept us grounded and we have managed to deliver quality over quantity.

We feel young, the journey has just begun. 🙂 Cheers to the seven incredible years. More cheers to the years ahead.

Happy seven, everyone!

Quovantis 7 years


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  • Shalvika Sood

    Amazing capture! love the illustrations!! thank you team for putting this together. This is our journey , a journey we love and a journey that continues on stronger and sturdier!