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International Women's day

I always knew that International women’s day is celebrated on 8th March. But I never knew why it’s celebrated. It was important for me to understand why (and how) one such day came into existence. Why? Because I was planning the women’s day celebrations in our office. I did not want it to be just another corporate fad where we jumped on to pampering sessions for women.

No, please don’t misjudge me! I have nothing against what other organizations do. In fact, I believe that it’s the gesture that counts. As a woman, I can say that just a “Happy Women’s Day, Malvika” greeting with a smile would have made me super happy for the entire day.

But I wanted it to be more than just that. I wanted every woman Quant to feel more than special. So, I took the help of my close friend “Google” and delved into the history of women’s day. And this is what I got to know- In 1911, a group of women from the US came together and marched demanding for gender equality. Back then, women didn’t have the rights to vote or hold public office. So this day marked the point in the world’s history when women became aware of the injustice and decided to end this discrimination.

Fast forward to 2019, we see that women are more empowered than they were in 1911. They are more vocal about their rights, they’re more accomplished and respected for their work and there are relatively lesser incidents of disparity.

So why do we still need to celebrate it, you ask?

Because we have a long way to go. It’s not just a day in remembrance of women’s 100-year-old struggles and her accomplishments despite those hurdles. Rather, for us, it’s a day when we want women to break out of stereotypes and celebrate their existence.

We understand that a woman’s job is never easy. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a professional and above all, she is an inspiration. She carries a thousand colors in herself. To each person, she is a unique story.

So, this International Women’s day, we celebrated those special stories and showed the women in our office, that we care about them, that their contribution matters. We celebrated by giving a tribute to the boldness of mind and heart that every Lady Quant represents.

Here’s what we planned for them over a period of two days-

A workshop on Krav Maga

Krav Maga workshop

Krav Maga is an Israeli Self-Defence system which is now adopted by the CRPF and also a lot of Bollywood movies are showcasing this technique to show the bold and modern Indian Woman. It is not just a self defense mechanism only for women but for everyone including an old age person, a kid or a man. More than muscle power, this technique calls for the presence of mind and easy to remember tips for quick rescue from the attacker.

So the workshop was dedicated to the women of Quovantis because we wanted them to feel safe and self-reliant in times when they feel vulnerable and unsafe.

The workshop got all the Lady Quants interested and they tried their hands with the tips provided for threats like knife attacks, chokes, and grabs etc. Here are some pictures from the workshop-

women practicing krav maga

A heartfelt welcome for them in the office

There’s nothing like a sweet surprise awaiting you when you reach your desk. So, we decorated our office wall with pictures of all the women who are a part of Quovantis and wrote a few lines about them applauding their contributions and efforts.

The day was planned with special greetings by the team members. The team got together a day in advance to make a beautiful greeting card for the “Lady Quant” of the team so that they could surprise them on Women’s Day. The card had messages from their team members thanking them for being an integral part of their team and adding value and strength to their work.

To make it memorable, the card had a photo collage of the beautiful time spent together in the team. So when the women team members entered the office that morning, they were greeted with flowers and chocolates along with the card as a surprise.women's day greeting card

It was an unforgettable sight where we could see happy faces and glittering eyes. Indeed it was a special moment for all our women.

Ending the day with a ‘Fun-Evening’

Every woman is a queen

Since it was a day to celebrate together, so we thought of ending the day on a happy and high note.

We had a few rounds of two-minute games; one of them was a crown making for the princess of the team. It was fun to watch the creative Quants showcase their skills and sharing a laugh together with the ‘crowned’ rockstar.

crowning the female teammates

A photo booth and cake cutting ceremony

Girls, selfies, photos – Yeah, yeah we know that’s a deadly combination. To add further fervor to the evening we set up a Photo-Op zone where we had a lot of placards with quirky messages that enticed the ladies to come together and get themselves clicked. The laughs and giggles cannot be explained in words of how vibrant the mood was in the evening. 

women of Quovantis

For such an exciting day, we wanted to end it with as much enthusiasm so that the memories stayed in our hearts forever. So we got all the ladies together and cut the special cake to call it a day on a sweet note!

More than anything, this was not just a day for us to celebrate Womanhood but a day to remind the women of Quovantis about how special they are for us! It is indeed, great to have each of them in the team – strengthening it, adding talent to it and making it such a beautiful place for coming to work every day!

Cheers to all the Ladies in the House, wish you more power – May you grow stronger, bolder and beautiful each day!

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