Clutch announces Quovantis as one of the top web development companies in India

One of the best feelings in the world is when one gets to know the value they have created in someone’s life. The feeling of making something better with a dash of passion. The feeling of creating a better tomorrow. And imagine, how great & fulfilling it would be to have this sentiment also embedded in our work!

This is one of the aspects that differentiates Quovantis from the rest of the world. We work towards creating value. Our unwavering focus on creating delightful digital products through a design-led engineering approach helps create value in the lives of millions of users. And we know our hard work has paid off when our partners, and eventually the people, love what we’ve crafted with passion.

An even better feeling is when our partners share their happiness with us and reaffirm our belief & vision of creating a positive impact in their lives. It’s a dream come true to have some of our partners appreciate our efforts on Clutch very recently and we can’t contain our excitement!

Clutch has released a report on the top developers in India for 2019. Only 891 companies were featured out of the thousands of companies listed on the site. And, guess what, we’ve been listed as one of the top developers in India. And not just that- the list also celebrated our achievements by naming as one of the top UX design agencies on Clutch!

Quovantis is among top development companies in India

Isn’t that incredible news? Well, it’s an extraordinary one for our team.

Ever since the company was founded in 2010, we’ve directed our every effort towards the success of our partners. Needless to say, nothing would have been possible without our amazing and talented team members who make us who we are. Our underlying philosophies and our core values have also played a major role in winning us this recognition.

I listed some of our philosophies which have always worked for us-

We put ‘people’ before everything else

Most companies keep profit at the top of their priorities pyramid- Profit, Product, People. However, at Quovantis, nothing, absolutely nothing, comes before people. For us, the pyramid is-

People, Product, Profit.

Be it people with whom we work or people for whom we develop products, we’ve always kept ‘people’ at the center of it. Their happiness, their satisfaction, their success is what we strive for.

pyramid showing people-product-profit

For us, there is just one way of doing work- work like you own it. So, whether it’s planning meeting or final handoff of the project- we are honest in asking questions that concern the success of the product.

This might come as self-praise but our product managers, as well as team members, receive this appreciation quite often from our partners. They say that our team members worked on the project as if it’s their own baby. And we can’t help but smile at this. Thank you, partners!

We communicate frequently and resolve issues proactively

Most of our partners are from the US. Working as an offshore team can be extremely demanding in terms of collaboration and communication. You know– things like our Friday evening is their Friday morning and when we are in the office on our Monday, they are still catching that Sunday night sleep.

And, similarly, there are other things which need you to be in the same time zone to be faster, furious and more efficient. We wouldn’t say we are 10/10 always, but we’ve learned ways to combat such situations.

We keep all communication channels open, make sure that we’re available in case of emergency, and we share the updates frequently so that all of us are on the same page. Rather than waiting to hear back from the partners on an issue, we try to fix it proactively.

We adjust ourselves to our partner’s needs

The world is changing at a faster pace- faster than we were growing in the last decade. We understand that our partners need to go to market fast, so we help them in every possible way to accomplish that. Yes! Partners, not clients. We have this unsaid convention at Quovantis where we refer to our clients as our partners. We work with them not just as technology consultants, but we guide them throughout their journey.

We adjust ourselves according to their needs. Whether it’s developing an MVP or working with an Enterprise, our team understands the partner’s expectations and works accordingly. Our partners have appreciated this aspect of working with us and Zach, CTO of XSOLIS, highlighted this in his review-

partner's appreciation

I truly believe that we’ve invested to the best of our capabilities in the success of our partners. We believed in their idea and we wanted to see them conquer the world and make it a better place for everyone.

We are extremely delighted to have an incredible rating on Clutch. Although, it’s just another number, what truly makes it special is the detailed client review from the Clutch team.

If you’re wondering what Clutch does, Clutch is an independent platform that collects objective feedback from past and present clients about each company registered on the site. Clutch analysts perform in-depth phone interviews with clients about the quality of the partnership with each company on Clutch. Based on the data gathered, they calculate a fair rating of all the firms which are then categorized by their geographic location, a field of their expertise and the skills that were provided.

In addition to our profile on Clutch, we are also featured on their sister-site, The Manifest.  We are thrilled to be named in The Manifest among the leading AI companies (Artificial Intelligence), alongside one of our notable projects.

Final word

The reviews show that our partners are happy with the results we’ve driven for and with them, and we are a reason for their success. We take that as an accomplishment. All of this, when we know that there is still a huge scope of improvement in many areas.

To be featured on these listings alongside reputable companies in our country is an honor and one that will push us to work even harder for our clients. We are so happy with our reviews on Clutch and that they represent us accurately. We are thankful for our partnership with Clutch and cannot wait to see more of our reviews published in the future.

Thank you, partners!

Thank you, Clutch!

And more so, than you, Quants!

Three cheers to all of us.

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