Control your Android phone with VYSOR

Control your Android phone with VYSOR

VYSOR…sounds interesting…right?!!
There are so many tools in market that let you handle or control your Android phone from your desktop but all of them require either rooting process or have a very long setup process, which is sometimes not easy for a human being. VYSOR is a powerful tool that lets you to control your Android phone in just a few, easy steps.

VYSOR is an application which is available on chrome store, Here I am writing the complete steps of how we can integrate VYSOR in our desktop and control our Android device.

  1. As VYSOR requires Chrome, so you need to install Chrome browser in your desktop.
  2. Click on Install Vysor in your desktop. There would be a window showing VYSOR extension, click on that.
  3. It will take some time to install into your PC.
  4. You can launch VYSOR from the APPS section in chrome, you will see the window below:

    launch VYSOR from the APPS

  5. Now you need to connect your Android device using USB and make sure USB debugging is ON in your Android mobile or tablet or the Android device you want to control from your PC.
  6. After connecting it will give you a pop-up in your device, just enable the checkbox to allow your mobile to connect with your PC.
  7. After that you will see a window showing your device, click on this and it will take some time to initialize the app:
    time to initialize the app
  8. You will see a window on your phone saying that you are now connected, with some useful keyboard shortcuts.
    window on your phone
  9. Click on ok and you are good to go..:) Yipee!!! Now you can control your Android phone in your PC. VYSOR provides full control of your Android phone on your desktop. It is compatible for all operating systems.

There are several benefits for using this, like:

Use Keyboard: Using desktop keyboard is generally fast then using Android keyboard. With the help of desktop keyboard, you can type hundred words per minute, It will definitely speed up your work.

Clicks and Points: You can point, click, scroll anywhere on the screen using your mouse.

Ditch the Emulator: If you are an Android developer, then you can use your device in place of emulator. Its integration with your IDE is also very easy. So you don’t need to wait for emulator to start which is sometimes very frustrating.

Share: You can also share your device within a local network e.g. office, by giving remote access via browser.

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