Daily Zen- 7 Things to do to make the most of each day

Life exists in the beauty of everyday things. A famous quote says-

We are what we practice daily.

There are many good blogs on what to do daily to make each day count. However, I find that mostly it becomes difficult to implement because they appear to be ‘out of the way on a daily basis’. So I thought I’d pen down a few simple things that we can do easily, without any fuss, on a day to day basis to bring back some Life (living) into life.

how to stay motivated

Do one thing daily that makes you live in inspiration

Inspiration comes to us daily. But we block its door due to memories, often acting out of the patterns created by the memories instead. If we were to live more from Inspiration, each day would look like a new beginning.

Give in to the urge of writing by scribbling some lines. Vent out the artist in you by doodling in a dairy. Read some quotes. Read. Listen. Counsel. Act on the flash of insight. Just about anything!

Inspiration is all around us, we just have to look.

Do one thing daily that is not a responsibility or a chore

Most of the work we do – professional and personal – is either a responsibility or a chore. We are doing it either because we are the best person to do it or because there is no one else. Or simply because we are the designated ones. Ofcourse, these tasks are very important. Because it keeps the machinery of life going. For every responsibility that we are doing, someone else is doing their share to make things happen for us.

But, when an entire day goes by and we haven’t done anything that is outside of this, life starts to close around us. We feel trapped. So do something that you wanted to do out of choice. Without any reason. Even if it is meaningless.

Do it just because you want it.

Do one thing daily that brings a genuine smile on someone else’s face

 You don’t have to donate on a daily basis or volunteer at a shelter to bring a smile on someone’s face. Not that I am saying you don’t. But we tend to believe that meaningful impact can only come from grand actions for a huge audience, which can only be done ‘someday’.  I find that it can easily be done in small ways with people who are in the circle around us.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world

Mahatma Gandhi

Give-in to your parent/partner/child’s demand to do something that you usually refuse to do because you find it irritating. Come home early from work and spend more time with them. Send a gift for your daily-help’s child, without it being a festival. Buy something from the roadside kid, even if you don’t need it. Tip someone more than they had expected if they appear nice.

Just small ways, one person at a time and you will have a million smiles.

Do one thing daily that brings a smile to your face

Laugh. It really is the best medicine. Often, we forget to smile or laugh in the daily grind of the day. I get sorrowful blanks so many times when I ask “When was the last time you really laughed?” or “Do you laugh every day, is there some humor?” Isn’t that horrific?

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

– Charlie Chaplin

So laugh daily, it’s easy. Pick a comedy show, or a comic strip.  A Facebook or Whatsapp forward. I have these friends and relatives with whom my only relationship is that they send me something funny everyday. I haven’t put them in spam because they give me a much needed dose of daily smiles.

Ofcourse, nothing beats kidding around with friends and colleagues. If you are lucky, you will be surrounded by people who make you break into laughter and see the lighter side of problems.

Because don’t take life too seriously. We all know the end.

Do one thing daily that connects you with nature

Nature is the best stress buster, best healer of frenzy emotions. And it’s free! But most of the times, its glory is in the mornings. And I struggle with mornings, not so much because I am a late riser, but because of my schedule. So morning walks have not been a part of my life. Ever. Except for maybe 6 months, 10 years ago.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is Home.

– Mary Synder

So I connect with nature in my prayers. I connect with nature by letting the sunshine fall on my face. I connect with nature by praising my mother’s flowers. I connect with nature by watching the sunset from a window in the office towers.

There are so many ways. If only we are willing.

Give Gratitude for atleast one thing each day

Gratitude is to say ‘Thank You’ with meaning. Gratitude is to feel blessed in living. Because it is the shortest path out of hell and misery! It has an amazing ability to lift us instantly, no matter what the circumstances.

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, routine jobs into joy and ordinary opportunities into blessings.

– William Arthur Ward

Just one thing that you are grateful for. Some days, it is just the ability to be able to think, see, read, write, walk. Some days it is the knowledge that your colleague patiently held the elevator for your even though they were getting late. Some days it’s so much more that the cup runneth over. But each and every act of kindness, consideration and blessing makes a day.

Recall it, cherish it and hold it dear.

And of course, what is life without a little extra – a little extra cheese, a little extra pickle and chutney! In addition to these daily practices, I have a ‘weekend special’ that one can do occasionally.

Do one thing that builds creativity

You may have heard of the left and right sides of the brain with the right side being for analytical skills and the left for creativity. Most of us live lives that necessitates an over use of the right side.

So give your left side a chance and let the creativity run through. Again, it doesn’t have to be grand and planned. Just sing a song, even if you are tone deaf. Make a tune of your own, anything you like, doesn’t have to have lyrics. Play a musical instrument, even if you don’t know it. Take a blank sheet of paper and splash it with colors of your choice, no matter what the size or shape. Make shapes from clouds!

Yes, all this will build creativity and that will help to live with inspiration!

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