Don’t be Invisible Mate!

Barney-be-awesomeIn between excels, websites, SEO, asking people to fill spreadsheet and ear blasting music; my playlist changed to Rihanna’s ‘Shine bright like a diamond’ (yeah, rock dude don’t make that face, I know u did jiggy with your gal pal when it was playing) and (taaa tada) I had an epiphany (alas, it should have been alignment then I would have found a cult), here is the sequence of visions which got my thought bulb on:

Everyday, I keep on hitting the snooze button till I reach optimum time when a minute delay will make me late for office.

Make my breakfast while working on my other chores, take a quick long shower, dab those cream and the latest strong cologne, then light an incense for spiritual high (not a religious guy) before I get on my daily battle with keypads, metro commuters, auto rickshawala, cramped elevators, glaring gaze of aunty for seat or loud mouth college goers. From south of Delhi to West of Delhi it feels like an ordeal. Finally by five past ten I reach office (yeah, I am tad bit, tiny winy late).

The same routine continues till I hit the bed.

Just as I enter and about to sit on my workstation, I am 8 with ‘Good Morning’ glee which I promptly reply with my harsh but heavy voice and look around. I scan the entire office area (whichever is visible to me) and I get those looks (oh! him; he is wearing a nice shirt; hey mate; Ya ya Mr. Sunshine; Hello; Blah and etc etc.) which adds on to my previously stated situation. But wait…

I don’t sulk, brood, be sleepy or just work to work but I stop all this nonsense and be awesome instead.

Why you ask! Because I want to be the Park Avenue man (remember, don’t be invisible ad).

Though I believe in Karma but I am agnostic as well, what if, I have just one life and I have lived a quarter of it. I don’t want to wasted rest two quarters in understand what’s my reason of existence, finding love, working like a zombie or work for money, to live for others happiness and demands, I want to be awesome so that whatever or however why my paths cross any other human being I can touch them, learn from them and share with them.

Now the epiphany (sudden realization of truth) – We sleep for eight hours, four hours are spent on eating and making waste of it, four more on doing all the crap we can to be happy or make others happy and rest 8 hours to earn that sixteen hours mentioned before for the next day. So where is the time to be awesome, it’s the earning eight hours. The same routine you did as soon as you stepped in kindergarten with 8 hours of school (8 periods + lunch time). When you can make most of it then why not now, plus you’re getting paid.

Let me tell you how I do it:


barney-suitupI ain’t no celeb broda but I feel like one

I dress up to work, I look good, I feel good, which makes my colleague next to me feel nice and say good morning. The same gesture I pass on to him. Greeting people opens a flood gate of good energies. Being human, everyone loves a little bit of attention, those eye balls rolling and yes, smell nice and fresh (don’t be a show stopper, just little bit of grooming, yes cut those long nail, no more unkempt hair and brush your teeth twice daily, lol).



SpongeBob SquarePants - Listening Intenly
Listening is key which opens all

Listen intently, read more earnestly and try to write what you grasp

Listen to what people has to say about you, your work or your behavior. This helps you to understand the environment around you and act accordingly. Read earnestly things about your work and around it, company or colleague, this will stimulate your mind. When a mail from management or supporting department comes, read them don’t spam them. They equally contribute like you and you may learn something new from them. Write your thoughts, try your best shot and maybe write for company blog – this can be an asset of association.

My Workstation
My Workstation

Contribute to the environment

Environment is the surrounding you live in, make it a better place. How about making your workstation your corner (like school days your locker or room would be filled with Justin Bieber/Salman Khan/AC~DC posters). Take small breaks in between work and ask colleague next to you ‘what’s up’. Don’t spoil the canteen, washroom or the lounge area etc (don’t throw that cigarette butt on the stairs, there is an ashtray, if you look properly you’ll see, so stub it*), clean and switch off after you leave.


Backbencher - 3 Idiots
It looks good in movies

Don’t be a backbencher

In a thriving work environment, one who can flow like a river is appreciated. Don’t be a zombie stuck in your laptop but be a ninja who is, if not funny but audible. Don’t you want your school friends or teachers to remember you; then why not colleagues, subordinates and superiors. Gossip but not like aunty next door; ask questions about work, company and built the knowledge base.


Barney-awesomeWe all go through similar ordeal but we can make what is left of the day better. Life is too short and when you look back or ahead, you should say to yourself ‘I have gained knowledge, shared wisdom and contributed to the world’.

So why be a zombie?

Be awesome and shine like a crazy diamond.


PS: this is not an eulogy to the great Barney Stinson but a probe in daily life of a white collar.


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