Etiquette for the Interview Panel

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They say HR is the front face of the company but Interview panel is the mirror of the company. We (HR) spend most of time over the phone before any candidate comes for an interview. Once they are in for an interview, interview panel spends most of time. They are the one who can make or break deal with the candidates. Here are the few pointers on Dos and Don’ts for Interview panel:


Introduce yourself properly.

  • Do mention your full name with proper handshake
  • Do mention what you do in the organization.

Make him/her comfortable.

  • Offer them a glass of water
  • Just check how they are doing?
  • Do a chit chat about the weather
  • Ask them if they were able to locate our office easily?

Assess candidate Objectively .

  • Review the position requirement before taking the interview and understand the  role and   responsibility/Desired Skills
  • As we know first impression is the last one, but while taking any interview don’t let that impression take the driving seat. Keep your mind open to change that impression.
  • Don’t ask what’s your strength or improvement area related question because then we start evaluation people on those terms only. So you better decide what’s that person strongest or improvement area rather than they are telling you.
  • Ask Situation based question (work related-use any of your personal example which you had faced in the any of your project)

Treat them like your colleagues.

Keep them involved in the interview

  • Don’t ask back to back technical question, ask some different question so that person will be little relaxed and he/she would keep themselves involve in the interview.
  • Ask open minded question (which has no answers, e:g How many Chairs are in the president house or What would be weight of Taj Mahal). From this we will get to see person approach towards unexpected events or questions.

Keep your body language positive

  • Keep eye contact with the candidate
  • Sit straight on the chair, don’t slouch.
  • Don’t make faces, keep a smiley face
  • Don’t look disinterested
  • Be a good listener

Share your knowledge with them

  • If you ask any question and candidate is not aware about that please share whatever information you have about that topic.
  • If you have shorter way or easier way to solve a problem, do tell them.


Don’t follow your GUT

  • Gut feeling has no science behind it
  • Gut feeling doesn’t come up with any data.

Don’t underestimate them

  • We should never underestimate anyone, every person is an individual and they  bring different things on the table.

Don’t show off your knowledge to them.

Don’t get into arguments.

Don’t create perception

  • It’s very normal and very easy to make or create perception about others. Does it reply help us, my answer would be no. Once we create perception about someone it doesn’t allow us to see that person in depth. We don’t see what other good or bad qualities that person has because we have limited ourselves to see those things and that’s why its interviewer responsibility they should create perception about that person because then you won’t be able to judge that person in right way, you will limit yourself to see or seeks other good or may be bad things about that person and at the end your judgment about that person won’t be 100% correct.

Don’t leave the interview table

  • If I am giving an interview and my interviewer leaves the table, I might start thinking either he/she is not interested to take my interview or I am doing really bad.

 Don’t chat on whatsapp or text (If its an emergency then you can do it)

  • This can be really annoying and distracting
  • It gives a wrong impression about the interviewer also that he/she doesn’t care about the interview
  • Very bad etiquette.

Don’t use slang.

Try to follow these pointers and I am very sure this will help your acquisition team give a very good image to the candidates about your organization, about your team members and also about the kind of work that your company is doing. Once this is done, half the battle is already won! After all, who doesn’t like to work with good people around?

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