Is God a Programmer??


Just a hypothesis, what if we are just a computer simulation, just like some huge GTA? What if the so called ‘real world’ is a hoax, a set up? Who would be the creator then? God? God is a programmer? Let’s explore this.

I know you can smell “Matrix” all over the above theory (some influence of Interstellar) but you can start visualizing the world around you in the same way when you read “Zion” and “Shire” as meeting room (background – I work with Quovantis and I have not smoked or listening to EDM while writing this). I am a 22 year simple developer, straight out of college and using my notion of being in this world I am exploring my hypothesis (can you see all the signs around).

I know there are many loopholes in my hypothesis and we can debate about it again and again but just like any perfect equation let’s take some constants which can maximises the chances of this hypothesis to null factor. I assure you at the end of this you will buy my logic and agree there is an entity who is an ethical programmer (who is a great programmer) and their work is not intricate…

Disclaimer: Every point from now on would be based on assumption that we are living in a simulation (and created by ‘the programmer’)

1. Parallel Universes (Multiverse)

Well, God (the Programmer) might be “god” our simulation but competition is always there.(but “the god” doubts they would ever go ahead of white boards).

2. Black Holes

Well you can think them as big Garbage Collectors! Freeing memory of useless data like cache, temp files etc.

3. Speed of light


Speed of light = Instructions/microseconds (like bytes/miliseconds) of God’s laptop. It won’t load beyond that.

4. Laws of Physics

Though most laws are based on some assumptions, but still all the laws follow some set situations. We can say like all physics laws are based on some sort of algorithms. Oh! What a coincidence, all the algorithm can be implemented by a computer system.

5. New planets, Stars

Unfortunately, we are not seen the birth of any of celestial object (what we have seen has already happened, so we deduce that the creation of any new object is work of a construction. Yes, it’s a repetitive thing like a beta phase then scrum rules are applied to further enhance or start from fresh.

6. Ghosts or spirits

Do you believe in ghosts or spirits?? Well, I do (yeh it’s scary). Reason is simple, It maybe just a bug (glitch) in the great simulation. But don’t worry god is reading stack trace and would fix this bug very soon. 🙂

8. Why do we die?

Of course, Space and Time complexity matters, even for God! And yes, I am not the only one who believes this way. Rich Terrell, from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, says “Look at the way the Universe behaves, it’s quantized, it’s made of pixels. Space is quantitized, matter is quantitized, energy is quantitized, everything is made of individual pixels. Which means the Universe has a finite number of components. Which means a finite number of states. Which means it’s computer”.

So, it is not unsual to imagine God as a programmer, hence I can prove my hypothesis (considering all assumptions constant).

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