Writing good code is essential to building sustainable products. One always strive for their best while writing code but sometimes tends to get carried away (read: write sub optimal code) in the rush of meeting timelines.

Thus, it becomes essential that one always have their peers/seniors review their code periodically to make sure that code of good quality is being written.

There are multiple techniques to review the code. The dead simple being getting into a meeting room with your peers, projecting your code and hearing “WTF is this?” Yup, I’ve been there.

But, sometimes the simple techniques don’t work very well especially when the team is separated by geographic boundaries. One option is to have the meeting at odd hours or have the code reviewer write comments in a spreadsheet.

We have followed the simplistic spreadsheet model but it is painstaking. Thus, we started looking for solutions that would sit inside VS.NET and help someone review the code.

ReviewPal is one such VS.NET tool. It comes as an Add-In/Extension for VS2008 and VS2010. It has great features –

1. Integrated directly into Visual Studio

2. You double click it and it takes you directly to the line for which the comment is being written.

3. Enter review comments with certain additional information like CommentsType(Error/Suggestion), Defect Type(Logical/UI), Status(Open/Closed) etc. I would recommend you to explore this.

4. You can even add a summary for your comments.

5. Comments are saved in .htm file so you can open the file in your browser.

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