Interview Process is like going for a Movie


Movies play a big role in our lives. A good movie always stays with us. Same goes for the interview process also. When someone walks into the office for the interview process, they are all excited the same way when we go out for a movie. How they are both related to each other, let me explain that:

Any candidate gets a call from an interview its’s like a watching a movie trailer, you get the best scene and dialogues in the trailer and the same way a recruiter explain to them over the phone about their company & job profile. That’s what makes or breaks the deal. If the trailer is not good we skip the movie and similarly if the recruiter doesn’t explain the job profile and company properly no one would be interested in the interview or the job.

Let’s go little back and see what we look for a good movie experience: STAR CAST, DEFINITELY GOOD SCRIPT, Good Direction, SONGS, ACTION . Same way the interview process has to be proper, good cast (friendly and knowledgeable interview panel), Movie Script (JD), drama/songs & action (Interview rounds). If the critical things are missing from the process or the movie you will leave unsatisfied.

But at the same time if you have all the ingredients of a movie but the direction is poor, chances are the efforts will go waste. That’s where the Talent Acquisition team plays a director’s role – cutting down the excess fat, trimming the story line and get all of the acts together. So if you are planning to make a good interview process just think of a good movie and create what the audience is looking for.

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