Introducing Scrcpy – A smart way to mirror your Android device

If you are working on an Android project, you might be using your device as a mirror image on your system for showing projects to other teammates or showing demo to the client. Usually, for this purpose, developers prefer to use VYSOR.

VYSOR provides the mirror controllable window of your phone to your machine. It’s has a pretty good feature set and it supports all operating systems.

However, the free version of VYSOR has many limitations such as poor resolution, lots of sponsored ads. Also, it doesn’t support animations and has some flickering issues. So, in order to avoid all these, one has to buy the pro version of VYSOR.

But don’t be upset! There is a better tool available. SCRCPY has the same feature set as that of  VYSOR along with some added benefits.

Scrcpy- a smart way to mirror android devices

Some of them are-

  • It works well with GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS.
  • It doesn’t need any root access.
  • It doesn’t require any app to be installed on the device to use it.
  • Screen resolution is very good.
  • It provides complete control of device onto your machine like drag and drop, use of system keyboard and many more.

SCRCPY mainly focuses on-

  • Performance (30~60fps)
  • Quality (1920 x 1080 or above)
  • Low latency (70~100ms)
  • Low startup time (~ 1 second to display the first image)
  • Lightness (Native, displays only the device screen)

This tool also works well when ADB is connected over wifi.  However, in this case, the performance is comparatively slow.

How SCRCPY works?

SCRCPY executes a server on the connected device. The client and the server (which is running on the connected device) communicate using a socket over an ADB tunnel. The running server streams an H.264 video of the device screen. The client decodes the frames of the video and displays them in a high resolution. The client captures input events such as keyboard and mouse events, send them to the server and injects them to the device.

How to start using this tool?

Starting the tool on your device is very easy. Everything is well explained in the documentation on SCRCPY’s GitHub page. You can check the documentation here. Once you are done with the installation, just type SCRCPY in the terminal and press enter and then the magic begins. You will see that your device’s mirror image will be shown on your machine and now you can access the device.

Isn’t cool?

Let me know if you are able to use it without any hiccups. I would be happy to help you in case you face any issues. Drop in your comments and let me know.



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