Moving up the culture ladder

 *Music playing in background*
See a pearl form, a diamond in the rough
See a bird soaring high above the flood
It’s in your blood, It’s in your blood, We’re gonna get it, 
get it together
I know we’re gonna get it, get it together somehow
We’re gonna get it, get it together and flower

In the heart of New Delhi, on a smoggy Monday morning, a newspaper
headline is about to change the course 
of many lives.
KAUSHANI, who looks into the People Experience of team members, 
dressed in her best office attire, 
receives a phone call.

She moves away from the cubicle, and answers the call-


Hello, this is Kaushani speaking!

VOICE (over the phone):

Hi, Kaushani. My name is Anita and I am speaking from
Great Place to Work® Institute.


Hi Anita. It’s good to hear from you again. 
How have you been?


Been good. How are you?


Life’s treating me well. Can’t complain.


Well, then! Here’s another reason for you to smile. I just wanted to 
share that your organization has been recognized among 
India’s Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM- 2017'. 
The names of the recognized organizations will be published 
in alphabetical order on 15th November, 2017 
by Mint, HT Media. Till then, the list is under embargo. 
But, I’d urge you to start planning how you’d like to communicate 
the news internally and externally once the embargo is lifted. 
You guys are doing an amazing job. Just keep up the great work.


This is incredible. Thank you so much, Anita. I have no words to 
describe how much this means to us. It’s a great 
great great news. Can’t wait to share it with everyone. 


I wouldn’t want you to hold it up, then! Looking forward to the 
celebrations in your office.

Intercut phone conversation


From the intergalactic space, a space telescope 
has detected vast, sorry- massive, 
overflow of human emotions. People at 
28°37'41.8"N 77°04'48.5"E were seen dancing, 
clapping, celebrating, raising a toast to 
the new milestone and rejoicing the wonderful 
journey that brought upon 
this wonderful recognition.

This qualifies as Real Magic

When we started this journey, back in 2010, we wanted to take it slow. We never wanted our culture to be another name for strategy. We wanted to be true to ourselves, to the work that we did.

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first. -Shakespeare

And then, as and when we reached a milestone, we moved up the ladder. Our roots strengthened while we kept growing upwards.

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. -Nelson Mandela

Becoming a great place to work is more of a realization, rather than a recognition. There is no secret recipe for becoming a great workplace. We have nothing written on a scroll that people have to follow. Infact, that’s what exactly makes us a great workplace.

We have always put efforts into becoming the kind of workplace that wasn’t just about clients, projects, and profits, but the one that puts its people first. It has taken seven years (and plenty of mistakes) to get the formula working-

Great People+ Great Culture= Great Workplace

We asked Quants what makes Quovantis a Great Place to work. We weren’t looking for much, just a glimpse of what they think of their workplace. But when we got their response, it was truly gratifying. Here’s what they have shared-

We value ideas over titles

My opinion matters, here at Quovantis

We’re not fussy about things like titles. For us, a leader is a person who is not our boss. She is a mentor. And she doesn’t sit in corner offices. She sits in the cubicle, just like everyone.

For anything and everything, people can go to her and share their ideas/concerns/complaints.

And woah! You won’t be judged. Or thrashed.

We trust people in getting shit done

At Quovantis, We are engineers, not resources

One of the Quants shared that Quovantis is a great place to work for him because “We are Engineers, not resources

We don’t just hire talented people, but we feel the need to hire the right people. It is upon us to incentivize them to perform well, both professionally and personally. And then when we are on the same page- in terms of purpose and values, we trust them in getting shit done.

We are a team of self-motivated individuals

I feel enthusiasm around myself at Quovantis

Somewhere between learning and getting things done, we grew up. We need no man-handling to complete work. All of us are self-motivated, super-charged engines capable of taking the charge.

We are team players, but before that we are lone rangers.

No hovering over your shoulder

I can be myself at Quovantis.

We value Collaboration over Command and Control. Even if means picking someone else’s trash. Even if it means solving problems which is remotely related to someone’s work. Even if it means wearing a developer’s hat when you are a QA.

Doing things one-more-time

I am empowered to innovate

We are headed towards excellence. Mediocrity is so passé. Quants strive for excellence. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail, life is not perfect and every chase has an ending. But what we hate here is doing drab things. We like to break the monotony. We like to give one-last-chance and make it better.

This idea of a great workplace is not new. Many admirable companies have already done it. We are just glad that the time we spent in knowing people, in gaining their trust has finally bore fruits.

We haven’t reached here in a blink of an eye. We have done our share of mistakes because it was never about building a company that generates revenue. It was always about building a company with the right culture and right values. It was always about how to make office space a place where people look forward to coming to work every day.

We just want to thank each and every Quant for everything. And big congratulations to us!

May we move onwards and upwards from here.

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