Our Social Mission – Steps Towards being Socially Responsible

Image Credit: www.topmba.com

Social responsibility is no longer a phenomena that is preserved for times when a company is making huge profits or only when government regulations come to play. Its not just today that the corporates have understood their role in bringing about desirable changes in the society. The concept of companies being socially responsible has been surfacing for quite some time and Quovantis now being at a place where it can have a positive impact on the society, recently ventured into this realm.

Even though we are relatively young, we have associated ourselves with few non-profit organizations and are trying to level the playing field for the underprivileged. We have started with investing 1% of our revenue with organizations that help the under privileged to become productive members of our society.

Aarohi is one such non-governmental organization with which Quovantis has partnered. Operating out of the sub tropical mountainous terrain in northern region in India, Aarohi helps the locals sustain both education and a source of employment for themselves. Quovantis particularly helps the under privileged children pursue and sustain primary to secondary level education. Specifics of the program Quovantis has contributed to can be found here: http://aarohi.org/education.php

In addition, we are also a conscious group of people who try to preserve as much of resources available to us as possible. We try to keep the carbon roll-out under control by using recycled paper sheets and also being judicious in use of lights, air conditioners and heating systems and use reusable crockeries at work. These might be small steps but we are sure to make more stride in this direction as we grow.

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