Our Software Engineer’s Creed

I would be a team player and would always put the success of my team first. I would take responsibility of the code that I write and would always unit test before releasing it. I would clean up any sub-optimal code that I find in my project.  I would never cut corners while implementing or blindly copy someone else’s code or take credit for something I didn’t do. I would build world class products that I could be proud of. I would constructively question/challenge my seniors and team members for the decisions they take. I would challenge myself everyday to be the best software engineering professional. I would learn something new everyday and would try to put it to use. I would also share the new learning with my colleagues and would push them to share theirs. I would always honor my professional commitments. I would always communicate daily progress/impediments to my team and client so that they take corrective action quickly. I would always strive to realize my, the client’s and the company’s highest potential.

This is part of our offer letter and is must for every software engineer to accept it along with their compensation benefits. Unlike other companies, it ain’t just a plaque on the wall for us. We do our best to enforce this creed via our culture, values and our product engineering processes. Do we sometimes fail? Unfortunately, yes. But, we let this serve us as our set of guiding principles to undo our mistakes.

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