Quovantis’ Designers Have A Resolution for 2017

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across this funny caption on my favorite cat-meme.

“ Have a grumpy new year.

No seriously. Make a resolution to be grumpy. Chances are you’ll break it!”

The cat with that contemptuous ridicule on her face made me laugh. And then I thought- ‘What is my new year resolution?’ I pondered over for a minute and came up with this- “More books, more writing, more laughter, more fun, maybe?”

Come on, you can do better.

I needed some inspiration. So I ran to the favorite people in my office from whom I derive my daily dose of inspiration- the design team at Quovantis.

I shot the same question at them, hoping to sweep them off the feet at the unexpected arrival. But to my surprise, they were pleasantly armored to fight the dragons and ogres. And they gallantly described their plans for the year ahead.

Allow me pour it out for you-

Design Resolutions

Tarun Kohli, Design Lead-

“I want to do deliberate practice in becoming a better designer. I’m planning on taking the

100 Day Design Challenge but spread it over the year, given my other organization commitments.

Also, I’ve been completely absorbed with our client’s related work (dah!) and feel that I’ve not done enough of writing. Thus, I plan on sharing my learnings once every 2 months. ”


Design ResolutionsSubhash Kapoor, Creative Director-

“As a designer, I should share more work/thoughts/knowledge to the world, using platforms like Dribbble, Behance and Medium. So, this year I am going to wake up early and focus on spreading the design knowledge with the entire world.”


Design ResolutionsLakshyya Mahalwal, UI Designer-

“I have decided to wander and wonder! Keep my eyes open and broaden my mind. Share more often. Write (blog)/Design (100 days of design) anyhow. I want to do more of what I love and I am gonna find that right balance with life-work :)”

Design ResolutionsAsif, Lead UI Designer-

“Making a reading habit. Learn any animation tool so that I can share my design visualization better way on platforms like Dribbble. Acquire an understanding about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and try to figure out which are the domains that are going to be highly benefitted from it in the coming future.”

Design ResolutionsNilanjan Debnath, Graphic Designer-

“Research, research, research and write blogs about the research. Also to understand the complicated structure of humans and animal so that I can create minimal illustrations more effectively.”

Design ResolutionsSushil Kumar, Senior UI designer-

“I will focus on usability and visual design. Have to improve visual hierarchy.”


Design ResolutionsMangesh Suneriya, Sr. Lead UI Designer-

“I want to improve storytelling through my designs.”


WOW. Amazing, isn’t it? Now I know I want to be a designer too (just in my mind!).

Inspired already? So, what is your resolution for the year ahead, dear designer?

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  1. Absolutely awesome.. Gives me a few of my own – ‘Read’, “Write”, “Breathe” 🙂 . Read books, Write what you’ve learnt. Breathe slowly with gratitude appreciating each day

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