Quovantis is among top 1000 B2B companies on Clutch in 2019

What makes an award-winning product development company?

Is it the company culture?

Is it the kind of work the teams do?

Is it the partnership with top-tier organizations?

Everything? Nothing?

It’s a bit hazy what exactly contributes in building an award-winning organization. It can’t be just one master-stroke of goodness.

From our experience, we can say that building great products definitely helps. If the product that you’ve built solves problems and makes a human connection with the user, it’s a sign that you’ve hit the mark. Then comes the communication part- maintaining transparent communication with every stakeholder in the team helps build trust, especially when you’re oceans apart.

Every time we win an award for our work or organizational culture, our belief that we’re doing something right becomes stronger. Receiving a prestigious award makes everyone on our team feel better. The awards make us feel motivated and a part of something larger, something very successful.

Recently, Clutch announced its global list of Best B2B Service Providers and we made it to the top 1,000 companies. We are ranked #207 among a whopping 16k companies listed on Clutch.

clutch banner

But this wouldn’t have been possible without our partners who took out time to write about our collaboration. The Clutch reviews (telephonic or through detailed form) are very unique from other platforms that you would have seen. The questions are in depth and ask about every little detail of the partnership, making sure that the service companies get their share of credit. Another reason why Clutch is admired is because it take transparent and authentic approach to collecting review.

To determine rankings, Clutch analyzes a company’s-

  • Quality and quantity of verified client reviews
  • Recency of verified client reviews
  • Offered services
  • Portfolio of clients
  • Brand reputation
  • Visibility in its target market

Clutch uses an evaluation-based methodology to provide prospective customers with the tools necessary to make the right decision when partnering with a service provider. Clutch’s team reviews past clients to learn more about their experiences with agencies and consults in varied fields.

A review on our Clutch profile of a current project highlights our skills in project management.

client review

One of our partners, Rob Bencal, President at Adventure 2 Learning said–

“Quovantis Technologies has done a fantastic job, and the new site is definitely an upgrade.” 

Along with Clutch, we have also been featured on their sister sites. The Manifest is a company listing resource which provides a different with which to compare and contrast companies.

We’re happy and honored to be on this list. And we are sure this recognition will help us reach even greater heights and give us the opportunity to work with some amazing startups and businesses.