Recruitment is not Everyone’s Cup of Tea



“Patience is a Virtue” thanks to Piers Plowman who wrote this quote in one of his poem, he had no idea at that time that all the recruiters would keep repeating this quote day and night. If you have survived the first 4-5 years being a recruiter then you are on your way to become a champion. Almost 60-70% people move out from recruitment profile to other HR functions (Talent management or sourcing) or some other profiles. Recruiters are the front face of the company and every day is a struggle. Non recruiters’ will never understand how much it goes at th back end to close one position. Following listed are the battles we fight one daily basis:

Finding needle in a haystack: We send thousands of emails to candidates, we get hundreds of replies, we shortlist half of it (as per our requirement), we call all of them and do the first round of screening; we then send the shortlisted candidates to the technical panel for further screening .Asking same question again and again can be super frustrating but we being recruiters always have to sound energetic and look fresh and give 100% attention to each and every candidate.

Scheduling Interviews: Once we get the list of prospective shortlisted candidates, we then have to check all the availability of the interview panel; most of the time they are busy and involved with their project deadlines and have little time to devote for taking long hours of interview. Getting a slot from them is time-consuming and once that has been done, we have to call back the candidates and seek their availability for the meeting. The whole process can be repetitive time consuming and very demanding.

Last Moment cancelation: Glory of our life – 5 out 10 times people don’t show up for the interview and sometimes interview panel cancel the interviews at last moment due to work pressure. When the latter happens, we have to look for a backup immediately, as we cannot tell the candidate that our interview panel is not available (Remember we are the front face of the company)

Finding Nirvana: After numerous interviews for a single position, finally the selection happens and even then we are not sure whether that person will join or not. We have to do continuous follow up with that person, talk to them every day; we have to be aware of each and everything about that candidates and keep our fingers crossed that the person should not drop our offer.

Disappearing candidates: Well yes that also happens, I have seen enough cases in my life. People just don’t turn up on the joining date, even they switch off their cell phone. Calling ourselves Phoenix Bird won’t be wrong because we always rise up from the ashes and that’s our strongest point. No one gives us compliments; no one sends us the appreciation emails. When someone does well in their project, no one gives compliments to recruiters for having found these ROCKSTARS.

If you can motivate yourself, can live without recognition and ready to take up challenges every day, then only choose this as your career path otherwise it’s not your cup of tea.

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