Sambhav Singh

Riders on the Storm – Revisited (Quovantis’ 7th Anniversary)

Woaaaah we’re seven! Hurray!!
Thinking of 7 reminds me of this David Fincher classic “SE7EN“, what a movie it was!!
Quoting Kevin Spacey’s character John Doe: “I don’t expect you to accept it but I didn’t choose; I was chosen.” And I’m glad I was given a chance to work at a place this great.

Quovantis’ journey is no less than a movie, just like Forrest Gump. I wish we keep on running for years and years henceforth.Riders on the storm

Out of all the love for this place, I’ve tried to edit and rephrase this Jim Morrison song (Riders On The Storm). Enjoy..!!

Riders on the storm
Riders on the storm
Into this home (Quovantis) we’re born
Into this world we’ve grown
Like a dog with all his bones
An actor whose skills have honed
Riders on the storm

We’re the killers on the road
Our brains are squirmin’ with awesome code
Take a long holiday (to our clients)
We’ll shape your idea like children play with clay
If you give these men (Quants) a ride
Sweet technology will abide
Killers on the road, yeah

Oh, you gotta love our LAN (local presence)
And, you’d be envious of our WAN (global presence)
Pick your weapons (expertise), join the Band.. (Recruitment drives are on)
World is full of prospective fans (of our work)
Them Products on us depend
We’re the sunscreen to your TAN (Solution architects to the tanned code)
Riders on the storm

So, let’s just wave our magic wand
It’s just the beginning not the end
Killers on the run, yeah

p.s. There’s nothing bad in humblebrag.
After all, if you go by what Muhammad Ali said: “It’s not bragging, if you can back it up” and we sure have a lot to back it up.

Cheers!! 😎🎉✌😊😎


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  • Shalvika Sood

    We always knew you were wordsworth :). Awesome!

    • Sambhav Singh

      Thanks Shalvika!! 🙂
      Also, it wasn’t hard to get the inspiration for this, I joined Quovantis and within an year I had so much to write about us and our culture.
      And all the credit for this goes to the awesome work done by all our “Quants”!! =)

  • Raksha Agarwal

    What a nice correlation. Superb 👍👌

  • Vivek Tewari

    That’s Awsomme Sambhav !! Great