Sprint Champion Awards

What motivates us to work? Money, to an extent, yes. Some people might say (and this has already been stated in zillion researches done over the years on ‘what motivates people at work’) that money is the most important motivator for people to get up in the morning every day, come to work, spend eight to nine hours doing what they are good at, and doing this over and over again for the rest of their life. Possibility, but does not stand true for all.

To help my case here, maybe we could talk about the folks who graduate from most esteemed MBA or engineering institutes in India, forgoing the opportunity to work for the Microsoft’s and Google’s and Goldman Sachs’ of the world to follow their dream of owning a cute little Italian restaurant, or playing in music bands, or to just simply travel. OR, people who have done the nine to five routines for too long in their careers and then go on to do what they claim to truly love. These people, as the tabloids suggest, hail from modest backgrounds and have reasonable sense of judgment and above average IQ. So, no, they are not crazy.

The compensation you get for the work you do might keep you motivated only to an extent. For one, like hunger, it’s a recurring need. No matter how much you eat at a given moment, you are sure to feel your stomach grumble again after sometime. And second, for practical reasons – with the ever rising operating costs for running a successful business, companies nowadays can hardly keep up with the (also) ever rising cost of living. Seriously, how many of us are truly and completely satisfied with what we receive as compensation for our work? Would there ever be a day when someone would say “that’s it! I don’t want another raise or any more perks than what I am getting already”?

I am not completely negating the value of a competitive compensation. I am just saying that there has to be something more than just money driving what we do every day and what we plan to do for the rest of the productive years of our life. It’s simple. Do what you love and you won’t need any external motivation.

Given that we are indeed doing what we love and also that money is not the single most important outcome of our job, how do we recognize our star performers? Where tangible rewards are one way to reinforce excellence in performance, we still tend to skew more towards internal motivators such as recognition and appreciation. Best in industry compensation packages and annual appraisals can keep someone motivated only so far.

So, we thought of emplacing a criterion in order to identify rockstar performer/s for every quarter and felicitate them for their brilliant contributions to the success of Sprints!

Like any other recognition criteria, ours too revolves around one primary factor – Consistency, that is measured across the following mentioned facets:

  • Did his/her contribution of ideas lead to the success of Sprints?
  • Did he/she maintain the enthusiasm across Sprints?
  • Did he/she provide help to team members across Sprints?
  • Did he/she maintain the focus on quality of work across Sprints?
  • And last but not the least, what was the quantum of work achieved by the person during this Sprint?

Since the awards have been conceptualized and emplaced, we have had 13 rockstar performers who won the Sprint Champion Award in year 2013 itself! Want a glimpse into their moments of glory? Take a peek!

IMG_5277 IMG_5270 IMG_4915
IMG_5279IMG_4913 IMG_4919

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