It’s that time of the year again. Everyone is gearing up to put their best foot forward. Why shouldn’t we? We work hard through out the year thus why not write our accomplishments on that long appraisal sheet? It always brings out the creative writer in us, doesn’t it?

Accomplished the goals? Check.

Always Executed Projects Flawlessly? Oh yeah!, do you need to ask? Check.

A great team player? You bet. Check.

Brings positive energy at work? In Giga Bytes, baby. Check.

Is company’s role model? There hasn’t been a better one than me. In the world of binary, there are only 1s and 0s. I’m the one(role model) and everyone else is the zero. Check.

Ready for Promotion? You really need to ask? I’ve been ready since the day I joined. Check.

I’m sure you get the point. All of us have been through the monstrous end-of-the-year irrelevant exercise of fitting everyone in a stupid bell curve so that we could give everyone the right compensation.

I’m sorry, I lied.

There are companies which do this exercise twice a year. My bad.

The thing which I don’t get is why do companies insist on hiring rock star talent and then try to put everyone in a homogenous bell curve. I don’t get it. Also, I don’t get it that why should one person i.e. the manager gets to decide how did the person do that year? And, why wait the whole year?

It’s all wrong.

Shouldn’t we get constant feedback on how we are doing? Shouldn’t we get a pat on the back if we do something great? Shouldn’t we get constructive feedback immediately so that we could course correct?

That sounds far better.

Thus, we started discussing a new appraisal system for having developer scorecards. It’s an idea taken from the concept of LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows one to track a person’s professional career graph and what their colleagues think of them. But, I think what their colleagues think of them part is completely one sided. One only gets to see the glowing recommendations on someone’s profile but the fact of the matter is that these people must be pissing some people off as well. One never gets to know what the pissed off lot has to say about that person.

Thus, we are thinking of creating an ever evolving real time rating system. Every employee would have a public page within Quovantis intranet and they would be rated on the following parameters –

Writes Great Code

Takes Ownership

Is a Team Player

Is Fun to work with

Now, everyone could give a positive or constructive feedback immediately. It would be like their facebook wall posting of the great things and not-so-great-things that one might have done through out the year.

Open, transparent and real.

The manager could still put in some objectives and development areas for the employee, which would be visible to them and their manager. We are also thinking of about having some sort of anonymous ratings but we haven’t finalized that yet.

We are really not sure how would it pan out but it still sounds better than once a year appraisal with hazy thoughts of how one did through out the year.

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