Agile Mindset

AGILE, it sounds great, interesting, attractive and makes you feel that this is the complete solution for all complex projects. But, adopting Agile is not an event or a trick, its a drive that would ride you towards the destination. And the destination is either well known to you or its uncertain in your mind.

Yes, I have used the word ‘uncertain’ in my last statement because many times we just start with an idea with not much clarity about the goal, but have confidence that the idea would definitely bring about a revolution to the market.

Here Agile plays a vital role by constantly evaluating every step taken towards the destination. I can’t stop myself from copy pasting one motivational quote that fits aptly here, I believe you will agree with this 🙂

There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.

                                                                                                                      Peter A. Cohen

The ride with lots of little monitored steps would lead you to build a great product with high quality. The technique would also help build a dynamic Agile team with all rock-stars in it. And the best part is, it will make you stand in a highly competitive market at the earliest, which would lead to quicker ROI to you.

Now the Big Questions …

Are you ready to adopt Agile? Are you ready to abide by the guidelines provided by Agile?

I have been working with the agile methodology for quite a long duration now and I have seen that organizations and clients are excited to work in agile but they do not succeed in it. They simply end up trying to squeeze the waterfall model into sprints. I believe Agile needs a different mindset to incrementally build the product. Moreover, its a handshake between organizational teams and customers to abide by the guidelines of agile.

Although, Agile gives a complete space to build the process on demand but Agile also expects that the flowing cycle of ceremonies is religiously followed without a break and supreme discipline.

Daily Scrum, Backlog refinement, Sprint planning, Sprint review and Retrospective.

Ohh! excuse me again, I am dying to copy paste another inspirational quote here:

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

                                                                                                                                 Martin Luther King, Jr.

Agile works on principles that everyone should look for- Customer satisfaction, Changing requirements, Frequent deliveries, Measure of progress, Sustainable development, Close cooperation, Regular adaption, Self-organizing teams, Simplicity, Technical excellence, Efficient and effective communication and Motivated individuals.

Binding yourself with these principles will undoubtedly help you succeed in building and getting a challenging and innovative product to the market. But major problem that I have noticed is with the mindset. Usually clients come up with the release date first and then start working on requirements, which makes them think that doing agile really helps them to meet their release date for the product. Here I want to clarify the point that agile is not only about delivering the product quickly, it’s about launching the product to the market with the most valuable and usable features first with a great quality, which starts giving a return on their investment.

Agile MindsetAgain, I would like to take you back to the one of the initial point where I mentioned that this ride would also lead to “build a dynamic agile team with rock-stars”. I Strongly believe that agile creates a good bonding between the team mates. Team collectively agrees upon the sprint goal and they are committed to meet that goal. They together work hard to deliver the incremental product after every sprint. Individuals in agile team must follow these values- Openness, Focus, Courage, Commitment and Respect.

Every member should continuously keep learning and evolving.

I hope that to some extent I am able to explain that Agile do need different mindset to ride on. What are your experiences with Agile Adoption in ongoing projects?

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