Turning Employee’s Negative Behavior into a Positive One


Hey, you got the perfect candidate to the job opening in your company in just few days! Congratulations! You have definitely nailed it. But Wait! Have you hired the right person? Technical skills were awesome that’s why you made the choice. Right? While following the process of recruiting we mainly focus on experience and technical skills, and want to fill the vacant position as soon as possible but we forget to focus on the employee’s behavior. Most important, you need to note the behavior of the candidate during the interview.

But why?

Employee behavior reflects the reputation of the organization. Behavior describes the value and attitude towards the workplace. Also, every organization wants to make sure that the candidate they hire matches their culture.
So here are some negative behaviors of an employee:

  • Poor balance of quality and quantity of work
  • Not following the rules, guidelines, policies of the organization.
  • Not adhering to the work timelines and being over-confident
  • Disrespectful towards everyone in the team
  • Avoiding work while spending time on social networking sites, smartphones etc.
  • Gossiping and spreading rumors
  • Cutting corners to avoid work
  • Taking credit of work what they had not done
  • Giving excuses for not completing their tasks
  • Not preparing for meetings or reaching in the middle of meeting and disturbing others

Ways to get the employee behavior you want:

  • Create a positive work environment and maintain a clear, well-defined process of doing work
  • Maintain a strong relationship with employee as this helps in getting the information what they want or maybe they want to add a good idea in getting the work done
  • Employee should not be overburdened roles and responsibilities according to their experience, specialization and interest level
  • Timely rewards and recognition as to assure them that they performing well in the organization
  • Fun Activities also make the workplace friendly
  • Motivation also helps in getting the employee behavior good towards the organization
  • Expectations of the organization must be made clear to the employee
  • Give good performers promotions so that they inspire other people in the organization

By following above points you cannot even change the behavior of the current employees but the ones whom you are recruiting right now. Employee behavior keeps on changing and not even every employee behaves in a similar way. Organization needs basic behavior from there employee in regards to respect, honesty, creativity, initiatives etc. There are few employee who face difficulty, nervousness or stress in their work. It totally depends how you can see or think about the situation. It’s all about management skills!

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