We are a Great Place to Work- 3rd time in a row!

It is said that people are a company’s greatest asset and if you want your company to succeed, invest in your people.

The Great Place to Work Institute echoes this sentiment and recently recognized Quovantis as a Great Place to Work. And what makes it all the more special is that it’s not our first time. This is the third time in a row that we’ve been recognized for being awesome!! One would think, what’s new in that now! Haven’t you gotten used to being in India’s most coveted and largest workplace study (2019) in the mid-size category?

I beg to differ.

In fact, it’s getting more and more exciting as we are voyaging through the journey of being a Great Place to Work. 

I can’t begin to tell how excited I’m with this incredible recognition. Words fall short when I try to explain how much this means to us. Moreover, this recognition comes as a testament to our cultural practices that we’ve sustained since the time of inception of Quovantis. We’ve always believed in the ‘people-first’ mindset and we even practice it wholeheartedly at Quovantis. And this has brought us to where we stand today. Some believe in Karma and some don’t, but I feel its due to this philosophy that we naturally got drawn towards the Great Place to Work Assessment Study. 

The Great Place to Work award is quite unlike other awards. It has democratic roots where the companies are chosen based on the feedback shared over a survey by the team members of the organization. It’s a transparent survey where the questions focus upon finding out what team members feel about certain aspects of work like- Trust, Fairness at work, Respect among team members, Camaraderie, Pride, and Credibility. 

With respect to these parameters, three of our practices stood out magnificently among others and everyone at Quovantis praised how we have evolved them over a period of time to stand true to our core.


Onboarding practices at new workplace

Welcoming new team members on their day of joining has been one of the most evolved practices in Quovantis. Ever since the beginning, we always had just one thought in mind- we want every new Quant to have an experience of a lifetime on their first day in their new office!! 

So we try to create a well thought out plan for each new Quant, in a way that they can be engaged to the maximum possible extent during the first 4-5 weeks. During this time, the People Experience Team, their team members, as well Leaders get together and take the new Quant through a series of pre, during, and post onboarding activities. Starting from introduction to other Quants on the first day to product ramp-ups. Everything is done with a hawk-eye focus on making the new Quant feel comfortable. 

The other most celebrated practices are the desk personalization before a new Quant joins us. This includes decorating the desk and the welcome board with their pictures and some lovely and warm welcome notes from their teammates.

Another great practice that has been appreciated the most is our HotSeat. Yes, you heard that right! In HotSeat we introduce the new person to everyone in the organization and similarly, all the product teams introduce themselves to the new Quant. After the introduction, each product team asks 2-3 quirky questions and have a good laugh. Questions like “share your wildest dreams” or “If you got a chance to switch a day in your life with a celebrity, who would that be and why?” unravels the fun side of the person and helps team members get to know their new teammates better. Sure it gets awkward at times, but well, that’s the whole point, right! 

Culture of Appreciation

Appreciation at work is important to boost morale

It’s often said that kind words and appreciation costs nothing, rather they end up making people feel rich with emotions and gratitude. Owing to this philosophy, we have numerous ways in Quovantis to appreciate those who deserve it. Either through our in-house platform FeedbackSocially or by sharing Stories we Love during our Company Update Sessions or Quarterly Practice Roundtables, we ensure that those who are doing incredibly amazing work get appreciated for their hard The best part about this is that the appreciation at Quovantis doesn’t necessarily come from someone with a Lead title. Anyone can appreciate anyone. 

One of our most appreciated practices in the last year was the way we thanked and appreciated Quants during our second Great Place to Work (2018) win. We posted a handwritten Thank You card to each and every Quant’s family, to share with them the amazing things their son, daughter, wife, husband, or child has been doing. This was a heartfelt thanks to all the Superheros of Quovantis, without whom, this feat would never have been possible! 

Open Communication & Transparency

An organization should be open and transparent in all communications

We are a people-first organization and we have an unwavering focus on building and strengthening our relationship with our team members more than anything else. And this can happen only when there is an active channel of communication available for Quants to share their feedback and opinions. So we give a lot of importance to receiving feedback and are always willing to unlearn and learn so that we can do better. 

While every person in the organization has the freedom and the means to walk up to anyone – from the Sr. Leaders to the CEO – and ask questions or share any feedback, we have developed some specific practices at multiple levels to ensure that communication at Quovantis is transparent & open. 

We achieve this through various practices like having regular Company Updates & Practice-Roundtable Sessions, having numerous cycles of feedback running like Happiness Survey & FeedbackSocially, and encourage Quants to come forth and share their suggestions & feedback un-anonymously. 

The Great Place to Work award is truly a remarkable achievement for all of us. It’s like a song of praise that we want to listen to again and again. But here’s one thing about the recognition that no one really talks about- recognition weans off if you just sit on it and don’t improve. 

So, we really hope we can continue to innovate and improve our practice and be a Great Place to Work organization in years to come. And not just for the award, but for the happiness of our team members.

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