When you Switch for Better- Photoshop to Sketch


I have spent almost a decade working on Photoshop. During this period I have experienced four different flavors. These different flavors are nothing but various organizations I have worked with. Currently I am savoring my 5th flavor.

After working for 6 years in my last organisation which was a product based company this new change was that I chose a service based company. My primary intent was to have exposure to diverse range of products in different domains i.e. healthcare, education, data manipulating responsive applications, app designs etc.

Change of job changed a lot of things for me, which included change of work environment (Window to Mac). After on-boarding I noticed that other fellow designers have creative cloud on their systems but almost all of them were using Sketch to create nice and pretty designs for mobile and web applications. I was offered to choose my preferred program but also was gently asked to give a try to Sketch. Initially I was a bit perplexed for this major switch, but when I scanned through a few tutorials I developed curiosity to give Sketch, a try.

After spending almost 10 days working on Sketch, I found it to be satisfactory and promising.

Some of the awesome features, which will perhaps make me spend my next decade working on Sketch (unless and until I don’t get a better design program) are as below:

1. Robust Plugins

Sketch is a super simple program to work on but availability of so many useful plugins makes it very sophisticated program to achieve any task flawlessly with minimum time spend.

Screen Shot


2. Pure Vector

The number of various viewport and mobile devices of different dimensions and orientations make it almost impossible to adapt your design for each device in Photoshop.

Whereas in Sketch its infinite scalability, feature of exporting the files in various dimensions make it an ideal tool for today’s UI design requirements.

3. CSS Friendly Designs

This is also a lucrative feature that saves me from ‘ designer vs. developer’ conflict. what it does is, it can give you CSS code for many things like lighting directions, textures and drop shadows. I hope Sketch team will introduce more such features to support co-existence between designers and developers. 😀

CSS Friendly Designs


4. Artboards and Pages

Although Photoshop CC has artboards but being a heavy software it hangs once you add 4 or 5 art boards on a page. But in Sketch you can add as many art boards as you want.

In Sketch there is also a concept of pages that lets you create multiple pages on a screen where you can divide your designs page wise i.e. there may be lots of variations for homepage designs plus mobile and tablet versions of it.

All the variety of designs can be part of one page which you can name as “Homepage”. By doing this everything is available at one page for easy comparison/changes. Subsequently you can create multiple pages on a single document.

5. Color Picker

Its color picker tool is awesome in comparison to Photoshop’s color picker. It auto zooms the area to pick from even a very tiny object without having to zoom in.

6. Mirror for iOS

It is also an awesome feature where your designs can be shared on iOS devices- mobile and tablets within the same network.

I don’t own an iOS device but I could see my mobile design on one of my fellow’s iPhone using mirror and it looked awesome there and even tempted me to switch from android to iOS. 😀


7. Money saver

It is much affordable than creative cloud as it costs on $99 for a single licence (for a lifetime) and if you need multiple licence for corporate its cost goes even lower depending on the number of licences required whereas Creative Cloud has a yearly licensing plan which is much higher than Sketch.

Sketch is gaining popularity on a very high scale but one of the drawback is that it is only made for Mac and not for windows platform. I hope Sketch team will soon introduce its windows compatible version to enable a wider range of UI/UX designers to speedup their design workflows.