Women’s day like a Bawse

Do we really need a women’s day celebration?


But, why? Because we want to fall into the category of people who make women feel special only on women’s day?

No. Everyone is equal at Quovantis. Be it a man or a woman.

Will it be just another corporate fad?


Will it be just another marketing thing?

Jeez, No!

Will it be just another tick off on the celebrations-at-workplace calendar?

Oh god, what’s wrong with you!

Will the men of Quovantis roll their eyes because they don’t get a day to celebrate and feel special?

Why will they?

Is it really about women?

Enough! I am done with you!


Meet me, talking to my alter-egoistic Chatter-Ji. Thankfully, she is my better version. Keeps me sane in times like these.

I let her sleep and kept rolling in my bed, wondering what is the correct answer to my question. I picked up my phone and as if to feed my confirmation bias, women’s day memes started floating on my Facebook feed.

And then I saw this video which urged the woman in me to uncelebrate women’s day-

The idea behind this advertisement? These women- they want equality and unbiased opportunities throughout their life and not just a day in a year.

Honestly, I didn’t find it very convincing. They want to stop celebrating women’s day because they find the idea too cliched.

Well! But then, isn’t it the same idea when we celebrate Earth day, Children’s day, Father’s day, Mother’s day, World Cancer Day, World Aids Day.. and oh! International Men’s day?

If I remember correctly, wasn’t the idea of celebrating days was to acknowledge and remember? Just like we celebrate our festivals. The festivals we celebrate are to rejoice the summer, the winter and the spring, the falling of leaves, the blooming of flowers, the harvesting of crop and many other simple joys of life.

Mundane, but yes important. So that we don’t forget to smile, to be happy amidst the chaos of life.

Then why spoil the fun?

Then why stop yourself from a moment of happiness?

And in that moment, my eyes started gleaming. I got my answer. I knew it right there why and how I wanted to celebrate women’s day at my workplace.

Next morning, I reached office and shared my idea with my colleagues. I shared my whole thought process with them and how I reached this conclusion.

I convinced everyone that I don’t want to make it all jazz. Let’s keep it simple, yet warm.

So here’s what we did-

We went to every team and excluding the women team member, we asked them to say a few words about their wonder-woman. We asked them to narrate incidents about the immense value they added to their team, their love for the company, their passion for their products, and the care they showered their team with. Basically, every act of random kindness that these women have shown to the team.

We curated every small detail and put it on FeedbackSocially, which is our in-house product for connecting socially at work.

So, on the eve of the day, when all these lovely ladies opened their email, there was an email in their inbox reading “Hey Beautiful Quant, you have been appreciated for your wonderful efforts by <Team Name>!”

Tears in the eyes, did you say? Absolutely!

That’s the magic we weaved into our women’s world. Just a bit of love, sprinkled with some respect and garnished with a smile.

Oh! BTW, some roses and chocolates, some cake and some music too.

Here are a few smiling faces of our lovely ladies-

women's day in office

mpulse team on women's day

Just one last thing for the day. Here’s to all you beautiful women-

Like a small boat

On the ocean

Sending big waves

Into motion

Like how a single word

Can make a heart open

I might only have one match

But I can make an explosion

You have made a mark in our hearts and spread love to the teams you have been a part of. Thank you for everything that you do. Keep shining!

Happy Women’s day!

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